A Study in Opalescence

Level: Begining to advanced

Whether you have a little experience or are a seasoned enamelist, you will find this course to be valuable to develop a strong technical foundation. Although the Waterlily Workshop is the Cloisonné 101 of the Merry-Lee Rae Online Workshops, you will find that Magnolia Opalescence is also a good place to start your journey in Merry-Lee's Classroom if you are already a seasoned enamelist. (You may find it helpful to do the Waterlily Course also as it will help you develop a familiarity with Merry-Lee’s way of approaching the medium.) Naturally the effort you put in will reflect in your results. I recommend you go through this chapter by chapter, you can refer back at any time to the previous material if you need a refresher or to confirm your understanding of the material. You will have 6 months after enrollment to complete the course.

Workshop Format

Once again, I am offering this course at a very low introductory price of $99. I love that we are all staying engaged and focused together while travel is not possible.

I am very excited to be launching Magnolia- Magical Opalescence among my online workshops! Of course, I would rather you were here at my studio in beautiful Coastal California. There is nothing that can replace the inspiring experience of an intimate classroom of passionate students. I just hope my online classes will be a perfect second option. The workshops here are an on-demand format so you can work at your own pace and not struggle to adjust your schedule to enjoy the learning process. All of the handouts will be available for you to download and print so that they are easily used as a reference at your workbench. The videos will be available for you to watch for 6 months from date of purchase and of course you may download the handouts for unlimited access to the class information. Every workshop will come with a downloadable list of tools and material requirements, I will also include links to my favorite suppliers. You probably already know that I love to hear from my students and will set up Facebook pages that will be closed to the general public but open to enrolled students. It will be a place where you can share your triumphs with fellow classmates as well as the challenges you are experiencing. I will be there to answer questions and join the cheering section. https://www.facebook.com/groups/493317545410636