the Soldered Wirework Method

Whether you have a little experience or are a seasoned enamelist, you will find this course to be valuable to develop a strong foundation and understanding of Soldered Wire Method of Plique-à-Jour. Amy Roper Lyons has been developing her use of this technique for over two decades. How wonderful to have access to an expert to guide us through the technical aspects so that you can quickly achieve beautiful results and get started making work that you have been dreaming up. Naturally the effort you put in will reflect in your results. I recommend you go through this chapter by chapter, you can refer back at any time to the previous material if you need a refresher or to confirm your understanding of the material. You will have 6 months after enrollment to complete the course. When you enroll in Plique-à-Jour, the Soldered Wire Method, please join the community Facebook page. You probably already know that I love to hear from my students and have set up a Facebook page that is closed to the general public but open to enrolled students. It will be a place where you can share your triumphs with fellow classmates as well as the challenges you are experiencing. Amy and I will be there to answer questions and join the cheering section.