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When I started the online classroom in 2020, it was to provide a temporary way for me to communicate with and serve my amazing community of students. Traditionally, those students came from all parts of the world to study in my Studio Classroom. Since then, the online classroom has evolved into a free-standing entity. At this moment in time, I can see a need for transforming the Online Classroom to better serve my cherished students. And so I embark on a new experiment of subscriber membership where you will have access to the entire Collection of Offerings here. I am working out a way to give you a roadmap to follow to help you navigate in your new school. It is with much Gratitude that I Welcome you to my Classroom!

The Roadmap for Navigating the Site

There is a lot here so this should help you get started

You can bounce around here all you like but it may be helpful for you to follow a guide. If you are a beginner, I especially want to help you accomplish your goals methodically. If you are an advanced enamelist but arriving in my classroom for the first time you may also enjoy this methodical approach. If you already know your way around my online classroom you have a Free Hall Pass to dive in where ever you like! It is my opinion that the Perfect Silver Blank may be the most important section here to do first. Most trouble in enameling starts with the base. Then for Cloisonné, Start with the Waterlily Workshop followed by Simone. After that, the options you follow will depend on your interests. If Opalescent is your goal, please do the Magnolia Workshop prior to Wisteria. In addition, you will find amazing material presented by Martha Banyas. She is a Living Treasure and I insist that you do her workshops in order. Start with the Perfect Surface, follow with the Coat and finish with the Mask. It is unbelievable that I have this amazing material to offer you! For Plique a Jour I would suggest starting with the Piercework Workshop and following up with Amy Roper Lyons Soldered Wirework Technique. Amy is another Enamel Goddess and I am thrilled to have her included here. Darci Shea's contribution is a combination of painting within Cloisonné- See for yourself how this talented young woman is reshaping the future of enameling! Start your engines!

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